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Laser bag

The bag surface is mostly designed as abstract flowers, animals or cartoon images, and the local graphics are hollowed out. The size of hollowing out depends on the shape type of the picture. After die cutting and waste cleaning, laser films with different reflection effects are pasted on the back of the bag. After folding and pasting, the paper bag shows a charming colorful effect under the light. With bright lifting rope, it shows more glorious effect.

A beautifully designed handbag will make people love it. Even if the handbag is printed with an eye-catching trademark or advertisement, customers will be happy to apply it again and again. This handbag has become one of the most effective and inexpensive advertising media at present. The graphic design of handbag design is not limited to one style. In modern packaging design, kraft paper bags often do not take realistic means, but the application point, line and surface form a situation freely, which is widely used in many fashionable commodity packaging design.

The goal of handbag printing design is to seek the sensibility of its function in the operation of mobile operators, and convey the information of goods or show a corporate image or a characteristic cultural smell. The design requirements of handbags should be simple, strong, printed and quoted at an absolutely low cost. The design of patterns should seek fresh, simple, free and avant-garde views, and display various functions of hasty sales, circulation and display. The handbag with protection and storage functions is one of the media for visual activities to convey the product image. The request for handbag packaging is important in two aspects: the product itself has absolute level and high morality, so the absolute request is higher. 2. For the promotion of the image of the product itself, the handbag should be endowed with distinctive commodity characteristics or the pursuit of corporate cultural morality.

The handbag design requires simplicity and cheapness. In the process of handbag design and printing, the company's logo and company title are mainly used. Perhaps coupled with the company's operation philosophy, the design should not be too complicated, which can deepen the consumers' impression of the company or products and achieve good publicity consequences. Handbag design and printing is important for expanding sales and establishing famous brands, Comfort purchase desire plays a great role in strengthening competitiveness. As the premise of handbag design and printing strategy, the establishment of corporate image plays an important role that can not be ignored. As the basis for the formation of design, the mastery of situational psychology is very important. From the perspective of visual psychology, people hate the boring and uniform situation and seek diversified changes. The design and printing of handbags should show the extraordinary characteristics of the company.