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Bento Lunch Box thermal insulation bagWhat are the causes of tripping fault

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A: thick blister refers to that the thickness of raw materials used exceeds mm and cannot be blistered and formed on full-automatic machines. It must be processed and produced by semi-automatic blister forming machines dedicated to thick plates. Thick Blister products generally have the characteristics of large area, high height and thick materials. The following materials are often used for processing: ABS

A: thick blister refers to that the thickness of raw materials used exceeds mm and cannot be blistered and formed on full-automatic machines. It must be processed and produced by semi-automatic blister forming machines dedicated to thick plates. Thick Blister products generally have the characteristics of large area, acrylic (plexiglass), PS, PC, PVC,reticule etc.

8The dry goods of non-staple food for agricultural trade mainly include fungus,Barbecue insulation bagRecommended purchase criteria laver, mushroom, red jujube, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, fennel, fennel, pepper,reticule medlar, longan, peanut, orange peel, raisin, etc. these dry goods belong to food packaging. The shelf life is greatly prolonged due to the removal of water, For this kind of dry goods, the composite film packaging bag should be designed. The multi-color gravure printing machine is used for printing. The printing process is the inner printing process. After printing, the two layers of film or film are combined. I am engaged in all kinds of non-woven cloth bags, cotton cloth bags,reticule canvas bags, thermal insulation bags and hand decoration bags all year round & nbsp; And other materials,Barbecue insulation bagRecommended purchase criteria integrity management, welcome to call! Then make bags after ripening. First of all, the main purpose of vacuum pumping in the design of food packaging bag is to prevent the between air and food, slow down food oxidation, so as to avoid microbial growth and food deterioration. Vacuum pumping depends on the characteristics of food and the length of time. Generally, vacuum pumping is for food that can go out in a short time, and it is not suitable to add too many agents, such as cooked chicken feet and pig feet. Some miscellaneous grain packaging are more suitable for vacuum pumping.

vHowever,Nonwoven bag_ Cotton bag_ Canvas bag_ Thermal insulation bag_ Hand bag - Guangzhou cover nonwoven bag processing factory with the continuous improvement of customers requirements for product printing precision and environmental protection, there are many new non-woven printing. The following are several mainstream in the market: the watermark is named because it selects water-based glue as the printing medium, which is very common in textile printing, also known as printing. When printing, the color paste is consistent with the water-based adhesive. When washing the printing plate, no chemical solvent is used, but it can be washed directly with water. It has good coloring power, strong covering power, high fastness, washability and basically no peculiar smell.

The factors of smooth development the modernization of smooth means can make the world gradually & amp; amp; quot; Smaller & amp; amp; quot;, Nowadays, people can buy goods from all over the world in shopping malls, such as beef from the United States fruit from France, Wenyu from Norway, the retention environment of pulp, small plate and red ball in the liquid is different. In the liquid, the service life of the small board is short. It can only be retained for hours at the room temperature of ~ C. The red ball can be retained for L days in the cold storage of ~ C. You can choose products and tens of millions of products, cotton bags, canvas bags, thermal insulation bags and hand decoration Bags & nbsp; The transaction is safe and guaranteed. The pulp is well preserved in the cold storage environment of C. If they can be classified and retained, it is ideal. New non-woven packaging color printing is adopted, sub bags are connected outside the bag, and separation equipment is used to separate pulp, small plate and red ball according to different relative density and sub pack them into different sub bags. Because of the universality of this new technology, it can be realized in the mining process & amp; amp; quot; & amp; amp; quot;, For example in the process of collecting, only small plates are collected, and other components are returned to the donors. With this method, the number of small plates that can be normally collected at one time by individual donors is equivalent to the number of small plates collected in the previous ~ human fluids.

Now, in order to reduce the packaging cost, or damaged in the transportation process, endangering the rights and interests of consumers. We are also industry practitioners here Strictly abide by relevant production process standards for material selection and production.


Passenger trains, passenger ships, buses, aircraft, stations, airports and scenic spots shall not provide passengers and tourists with ultra-thin non-woven shopping bags (non-woven packaging color printing bags). The competent departments of railways, communications, civil aviation and tourism shall earnestly perform their duties. Green non-woven packaging color printing green non-woven packaging color printing design is a non-woven packaging color printing design process with environment and resources as the core concept. Specifically, it refers to the selection of appropriate green non-woven packaging color printing materials and the use of green process means to carry out structural modeling and beautification and decoration design for non-woven packaging color printing commodities.

aCowhide and sheepskin: apply high-quality leather paste on the flannelette, remove the dirt on the leather surface, and then use a soft cloth to go back and forth slightly on the bag surface.

NIn the drying process, the coating and shall be dried in a tunnel oven. The drying condition of offset printing is usually ℃ ~ ℃, and the time is about minutes. The coating drying strip is between ℃ and ℃, and the tunnel oven is about -m long. It consists of three stages: heating zone, constant temperature zone and cooling zone. These areas are arranged in strict accordance with the requirements. After this stage, the products need to be refrigerated for a period of time to make their hardness better.

GEconomic managementWhat is double bubble shell non-woven packaging color printing?

sEVacuum non-woven packaging bag the food packed in vacuum packaging bag sometimes adds some agents or other chemicals that change the taste of food in order to increase the shelf life, which may lead to the reaction of these chemicals, resulting in package damage and food deterioration.

Tin printing and drying technology after the tin is formed, some words and patterns need to be offset printed to increase the of the product. However, we may not know the drying process. Lets introduce the iron can printing drying technology.


Porcelain is often used for food utensils, utensils and furnishings. The decoration mainly includes color painting and carving.

OK or not?nThe non-woven packaging bags usually used in the industrial field are bags with thick raw materials. Because industrial goods are usually divided into large and heavy parts, sometimes some goods have severe wear on the bag, so it is necessary to use such bags for packaging. At present, aluminum foil bags are widely used in industry. Due to the particularity of their raw materials, they can fully fit the characteristics of commodities. It can achieve certain maintenance and beautiful results, and it can also be used in the market

OIn the th century, with the rapid development of science and technology, new materials and technologies continue to appear. Non woven packaging color printing materials such as polyethylene, paper, glass, aluminum foil, various non-woven fabrics and composite materials are widely used. Sterile non-woven packaging color printing, anti-theft non-woven packaging color printing, insurance non-woven packaging color printing The technology of combined non-woven packaging color printing and composite non-woven packaging color printing is becoming more and more mature, which strengthens the function of non-woven packaging color printing in many aspects.

Pragmatic in Europe and America: rationally highlight information (Coca Cola) and make various prompts and explanations with rigorous standardization.

hMarketing is a science based on consumer psychology. In the fierce market competition, because of the improvement of technology and the gradual standardization of the market, it is not easy for consumers to distinguish between high and low only in terms of product quality. In this case, that is, the difference from others, or create this difference. In short, we must find the selling point of our goods. The selling point of Dove chocolate is & amp; amp; quot; Soluble only in mouth, insoluble in hand & amp; amp; quot;, This selling point focuses on product features. There are also many products that convey the image on the selling point non-woven packaging color printing to consumers, such as coffee from Colombia and grapes from France, which will make the graphics with origin style convey this information in the non-woven packaging color printing design. Special raw materials, formulas or new processing technologies used in some products will also be reflected as the characteristics of color printing design of non-woven packaging. Marketing strategies often catch some changes in consumers psychology and introduce new ones. During , strong earthquakes occurred frequently in Japan. It is falsely said that there will be large earthquakes in Japan, which reminds people of the terrible scenes of the Kanto earthquake and the Hanshin earthquake a few years ago. Seizing this opportunity, Riqing food launched a kind of convenient noodles packaged with metal cans and non-woven fabrics with a retention period of years. The Japanese like noodles and can also use them as a reserve food for disaster prevention. This unique & amp; amp; quot; Selling point & amp; amp; quot; It attracted many consumers and made the plan a success.

zCIn terms of online shopping, the development of non-woven packaging color printing has also changed quietly, as & amp; amp; quot; Silent salesman & amp; amp; quot;, Non woven packaging color printing will play its role as a salesman on the Internet in a virtual form which will play the same role as or even better role in the store. This virtual electronic non-woven packaging color printing form has attracted more and more attention. Both Taobao sellers and large network websites are decorating their commodity display pages, making more detailed descriptions of products, making more adjustments to product display, and so on. These are new forms of virtual electronic non-woven packaging color printing. Many facts have proved that the multifaceted display and detailed introduction of goods will bring more to the seller, that is to say, the color printing of virtual electronic non-woven packaging plays a key role in the of goods.

In terms of Japan and cosmetics industry, the new data show that in August , the cumulative total retail sales of cosmetics industry and enterprises above the daily industry quota reached a year-on-year growth rate of % and % respectively, with a relatively stable growth rate. From the comparison of data over the past years the growth rate of rihe cosmetics is similar to that of food and beverage, realizing long-term and stable growth through economic cycle fluctuations.


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