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Suit cover

The non anti cloth suit Nai has limited good air permeability, can prevent the invasion of dust and medium harm, has a transparent visual window, and the clothes are clear all day. The storage bag specially prepared for the suit and other valuable agricultural goods can effectively prevent dust, mold and moth, save space, and keep it straight, neat and orderly

There are several materials for suit dust cover. The two common materials are plastic suit dust cover and non-woven suit dust cover. Someone will ask whether the non-woven material of suit dust cover is better than that of plastic material.

Plastic suit cover has good moisture and dust resistance; Transparent, clothes are clear at a glance, but they are not environmentally friendly, and their air permeability is not as good as that of non-woven fabrics.

Non woven suit cover is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof and breathable, will not absorb water and mildew, does not support combustion, and has no harmful substances. It has exquisite printing patterns, low price, recyclable, easy to decompose after waste, etc. However, the dust resistance of non-woven fabrics is not as good as that of plastic materials.

Advantages of dust cover of suit cover: 1. Brand new non-woven fabric, a new generation of environmental protection materials, can be directly used as a mask, which is more environmentally friendly than other types of packaging (paper bag and plastic bag) and has lower cost. 2. Adopt good active environmental protection printing process as the outer packaging of suits to facilitate consumers.

3. Double needle zipper adopts the latest double needle zipper, which is stronger and smoother. Good quality will last longer! The logo of the suit manufacturer is printed on the bag body, which can be used for the manufacturer's advertising.

4. Perfect antibacterial. The use of dust cover can make the clothes very broad and stylish, dustproof, mildew proof, moisture-proof and moth proof. After purchase, consumers can save and store suits at home & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The dust cover and non-woven dust bag of suit cover refer to the non-woven dust bag used to hold suits or other clothing, which can be matched with PVC, zipper and other accessories. It is a kind of clothing bag. High grade suits and coats need careful protection. When you put the dry cleaned clothes in the wardrobe and take them out next time, you will find that the dust has fallen on them, so the non-woven dust bag and suit cover dust cover can help you solve all your troubles, effectively prevent dust, mildew and moth, save space, keep them straight, neat and orderly, and let you worry free!