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Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic bags are cosmetic bags, such as mascara, lip gloss powder, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen cream, oil absorbing paper. According to the function, it is divided into multi-functional professional cosmetic bag, simple cosmetic bag for tourism and small household cosmetic bag. Cosmetic bags are divided into nylon cloth cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, PVC cosmetic bag and Pu cosmetic bag according to material.

The purpose of cosmetic bags is to make up for makeup when going out. I think it's OK to put lip gloss, powder and water spray. As for eye shadow brushes and so on, they should be put in the residence, so the bags will not be too heavy, and it will be enough.

Cosmetic bags are all kinds of bags used to hold cosmetics. Generally, they are used to pack cosmetics. In more detail, they are divided into multi-functional professional cosmetic bags, simple cosmetic bags for tourism and small household cosmetic bags.

Professional cosmetic bag with multiple functions, multiple layers and storage bags. It is mainly used by professional makeup artists.

Tourist cosmetic bag, usually easy to carry. Few cells, but complete functions. Common cosmetics and toiletries can be placed.

Household small cosmetic bags have a wide range of styles and types. The design, color and quality are also uneven. More small cosmetic bags are promotional products of cosmetic companies. Gifts when buying cosmetics.

Materials: 1 piece of kapok thread (yellow and water color), cloth (the one that does not come off the thread at the edge is better, here is the kitchen RAG), 1 button and sewing needle.

1. First weave two rows of blue thread with needle weaving method and hook 20 needle braids.

2. Then change the color, connect the yellow line with the blue line, and weave two lines. By analogy, change the thread every two rows, weaving 38 rows in total.

3. On line 39, start knitting from the second needle eye at both ends, and close one needle at both ends. The number of stitches in line 40 is the same as that in line 39.

4. Subtract 1 needle at both ends of line 41. Similarly, subtract 1 needle at both ends of lines 42-54. Line 54 reduced to 4 stitches.

5. Cut a piece of cloth with the same size as the fabric just now, overlap with the fabric, and lock the edge with wool worn on the needle.

6. Then fold it. When the bag is partially hemmed, it is sewn in a cross shape.

7. Sew a buttonhole on the cover and a button on the handbag.